Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Over the weekend

So....finding a good starting point for my first post has been the second biggest hurdle for me. The first one was setting up the blog (obviously). But after 3 simple steps, i was already over the first hurdle but the second hurdle was much more trickier than i thought. Once i started to write, i got the distinct impression that the language was more like a "user story"....(ok...I am a analyst and talk to customers to get their requirements). Did a Control-A + Del and then started from scratch and the second attempt was a little better than the first one. I guess i will get better from here on. The thing that still nags me is that the blog title i chose is "Random Raves and Rants" and i have not raved or ranted about anything yet.

So i can now assuage myself by taking the stand that this is after all my first post and i can actually live up to the blog's name in the next post. But then the truth dawned that even the first post is doing nothing more specific than to take up electronic real estate and i felt that good old bad feeling surfacing again. A quick shake of the head and I move the mouse over the Publish Post button and realize that my grammar in the post is definitely something that my old grammar teacher will not approve of.

one last thing was to savor the good feeling of finally starting a blog. The only worry is to keep at it.....where is that button when i want to use it.....

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