Monday, January 24, 2011

Algorithmic approach to writing books - Dan Brown

1. Check bank balance
2. If lesser than 100 million
3. Start book
4. Take a slim plot line
5. Add characters with physical characteristics that stand out (note to budding authors - make them as physically intimidating and weird as possible
6. Introduce seemingly harmless character in chapter 1/2/3
7. Take a few historical artifacts that are controversial
8. Throw into plot as side stories (based on half-baked research)
9. Fill pages with random conspiracy theories as sub-plots (works better if narrated in first person by/to Robert Langdon
10. Bring all characters to single famous location after some random chase/race against time
11. Reveal character from chapter 1/2/3 as the bad guy
12. end book
13. Goto 1

to write or not to write

3 years on since the last post and i still remember my password. To quote a famous film star in an equally famous movie "Gabbar Singh, main aa rahan hoon" :)